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at this years RCX hobby show in
Costa Mesa Ca.
Several ISC record holding cars will be on display
 through out the show this year. Come out and get
an up close look at these incredible machines.
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ISC Street Meet Series continues
Sunday 2/19 in Santa Rosa Ca.
Come out and join the fun of a low key day of speed run racing.
3225 Regional Parkway, Santa Rosa.....$10 per entry, Roar membership required and available at the race....
First runs at 10am till 3pm. Run as many times as you want.
The ISC speed trap will be there to catch any new world speed records. 
ISC 2012 Rule changes
Due to the ever changing RC industry the ISC has added and
adjusted several classes for the 2012 race season.
Get all the new rules HERE or check it out on the ISC forums HERE
ISC Speed Run early 2012
The ISC is looking at running another Speed Run at Auto Club
Speedway Fontana in early 2012 (Feb - April) come by the forums
 and let us know if you would like to attended and when you would
like to see our next event.


Ultimate Speed Run 2011

Results can be found HERE


Just got home from the USR. I am tired, beaten and a

little bit dirty but I had a great time. The turn out was

better then we all expected and the weather was maybe

the best ever.

 Only two records fell large scale (116 mph) and Open

wheel (103 mph) and a few new members were added to

the 100 mph club (Brian, Tom, Nick and Tony)

Congratulation guys!


Some current record holders seemed to struggle today

but it didn't effect guys like Richard Tompkins who

 might have laid down the most impressive set of runs

ever witnessed at an ISC event, out of his 9 runs I

 believe all but one (spur gear death) were between 111

mph and 117 mph an unbelievable feat out of a 2wd 2

cell full bodied car. Tom Kendall in his 2 cell car

worked and worked all day trying to sort out its ill

tempered need to go everywhere but straight and then in

the his final try with the daylight fading dropped a run of

102 mph to earn his spot in the 100 mph club. Brain B

gets the iron man award recording 14 runs in his IC big

block dragster with a best of 101 mph. The hard charger

award goes to two guys making their first appearance at

a ISC race, Tony L in his very first run took the open

wheel record with a run of 103 mph and not to be out

done his partner Nick Steel destroyed the large scale

record on his first pass with a run of 114 mph but that

 wasn't enough he made one more pass and bumped his

own record to 116 mph.


Thank you to everyone that came out to support the ISC

in our yearly event only 364 days until we get to do it



Street Meet 2011
What a great day!!!! The weather was beautiful, the 'track' was clean and dry but since my last visit there are a few tar dollops that I'll remove before the next one. Probably had 30 people out there as entrants and spectators. A special spectator was Jeannie Pflum, one of the fastest women on earth...she has gone over 300 mph in Seth Hammond's streamliner and has ridden a production 1000 cc motorcycle to 196 mph! Nuff said!

Back to our racing.... We started running at 10 AM and ran pretty steady all day with nearly 100 runs. The clocks worked great all day and we had a fair share of those who literally flew through the traps. The 100 mph Street Meet barrier still stands though....two racers got close but weren't able to break through...

Here are the results....

Ryan Schellerup....3s HPI Blitz, made 11 runs with a best speed of 56.63 with a 56.30 back up

Paul Harding...4s 4wd Slash, made 12 runs, best speed of 59.41 and three others in the same range, 59.34, 59.24 and 59.11

Alec Beaubois...3s Slash, 13 runs, his last being the fastest at 54.28 with a 54.20 back up

Jake Rosen...2s, TC5, 9+ runs...a couple he flew through the traps....literally...and one ended up in the shrubs...very high entertainment value!
His top speed was 95.36 with a 95.29 back up! On each of his runs the second set of timers had a higher speed....sometimes more than 1 mph. He needed a longer run up.
.......2s Slash, top speed of 54.27 with a back up of 53.25 from an earlier run.

Richard Lewis....dead stock Slash, seriously undergeared, 8 runs all between 19.62 and 21.94mph

Kevin Osman....2wd Stock, NASCAR body, pan car, 1s(!!!) started out wanting 75 mph, revised it to 70, started out at 56 mph and on his last run hit EXACTLY 70.00 mph with a 69.82 back up.
....same car with 2s, started with an 86 mph run, third of four runs was 91.40 with a 90.43 back up run. He was SURE he was going to hit 100....oooooopsie!

Greg Hurtado (uncle frankenstiens hobbys, Oakland) showed up as I was picking up the fencing with an open car, 8s I believe, 4wd...he's been over 100 with this car and made a few runs with a best of 81.51 but fried a motor and two ESC's in the process(one actually in flames!)...probably wishes I had already picked up the speed trap!!!
USR Fontana 2010 is in the books!
(record books that is...)
After another year of high speed racing at the
 world famous Auto Club speedway Fontana the
 results and reviews are in and after looking at the
 incredible speeds its clear this was a gathering
 of the fastest RC cars in the entire world.
For a full detailed listing of all the recorded runs
 from the two days of racing see the
Fontana 2010 Results Here.
Thank you to all the competitors, Auto club
 speedway and
our sponsors Novak and MaxAmps.
Three records fall at the 2010
 Indianapolis ISC Insane Speed Run
Electric 2wd Stock Class Matt Erich set the record at 83.75 MPH.
Electric Modified Nic Case did a 8.8 sec lap to achieve a speed of 84.70 mph  backed up with a run of 83.75.  In the Electric Open Class, John Foster of John's BSR Tires set the new mark at an astonishing 88.7 MPH. 
Congratulations to all the new record holders.
Records fall
as two rookies rise to the top.
May 30th Santa Rosa CA. ISC Street Meet
Cyrus Kliewer and Jake Rosen became the newest of the ISC record holders; Cyrus blasted his open wheel entry down the track stopping the clocks at 90.61 mph!
Not to be out done the 4wd stock entry piloted by Jake Rosen of Jake Performance Hobbies not only broke the previous record of 71 mph with an 80 mph run, but he went on to break his own record three more times and marking his name in the record books with  91.95 mph as the new 4wd stock record.
Congratulations to Jake and Cyrus, the ISC would also like to thank all the drivers, friends and family that came out for a day of racing~!
** watch the forums for photos and videos from the event.
Records Crushed!!
at the
2009 Ultimate Speed Run
as car after car breaks the 100 mph BARRIER !
Go Here to see the event results
or Here for all the current ISC records.
Insane Speed Run 2009

The ISC’s first closed course speed run event promised

 speed and action and on both accounts did not


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